Community Tanzania Share Tanzania is headed up by husband and wife team John and Fritzi St Julien.  It was John who originally set up the organisation after he followed a spiritual calling and landed in Tanzania in 2013 – having never been there before.The Last Night A DJ Saved My Life foundation (LNADJ) has played […]

Im lazy and bored So, I joined the gang, initially offering advice about the practicalities of running a radio station. Then in spring 2020, I was put on furlough from my fulltime job and had a lot more time to dedicate to Gaga Radio. My unofficial role became a mix of programme director, producer and […]

Hi! My name’s Loren, I’m from New Zealand and have lived in West London for nearly 14 years. I have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and have had two severe manic episodes in the last eight years. My last was in summer 2019, where I got more involved in my local community. I attended courses […]

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