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Gaga Radio – We are a community focused radio station, we like to talk, we like to play music, we like to have fun. We also like to believe that together we change the world !

Music Is Our Medicine

Gaga Radio. 

It’s important to us that our community get to talk about what matters to them. Be it mental health struggles, isolation, loneliness, healthcare issues, we talk about all of that and anything else you need to get off your chest ! We’re all about reaching out and giving you a platform. Gaga is your radio station !

Everyone’s Talking Gaga 

 What matters most is unpacked and debated in a lively and upbeat way, helping to grow health democracy. Hosting meaningful conversations and getting information out to wider more diverse communities so we can all have an equal say about key decisions affecting our lives.

Music Is Our Medicine 

Music matters to us, it’s the universal language, the glue that binds us all together, whether its rock, rap, folk, obscure gypsy jazz, we play it all, actually you play it all and get to have some fun doing it, we positively encourage all sorts of music genres.

Art Beat 

If you’re a poet, playwright, storyteller or just a dreamer longing to express yourself, we invite you to share your talents and gifts and form strong community supportive connections in today’s disconnected times.

Staying Alive 

Discover top tips to improve your wellness, explore what helps us all thrive, and find out about community events that help us enjoy better emotional and physical health.

Gaga Academy 

So here’s a thing, we don’t want to be doing all the work, why don’t you come and give us a hand, maybe you have an idea for a show ? Not done anything like that before ? Thats not a problem we can show you how to release your inner presenter, radio blogger, radio DJ. Perhaps you want to record a show in another language, we welcome that ! We are a diverse community where all are included.

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