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Gaga Radio is a new talk-music radio station where listeners are the producers and presenters… and the community’s in control. Run by people with long term health conditions who understand what makes a good life! A creative, upbeat, funny, informative, internet radio station focused on health and wellbeing.

Music is our medicine

Everybody’s Talking Gaga
Gaga Radio will debate and investigate hot topics and big issues in healthcare, wellbeing and disability – with the agenda set by people and communities, growing health democracy. The NHS, care providers and commissioners, will have a new medium to forge better relationships with the people they serve, being part of meaningful conversations that matter and getting information out to diverse communities in multiple ways. More people from wider communities will have a say about the decisions that affect their lives.

Music is our Medicine.
Gaga Radio invites music aficionados to submit hour long shows, celebrating and sharing the music they love – from Northern Soul to Gypsy jazz, Acid house to English Folk. Music that makes your heart swell and your feet tapping.

Art Beat
Gaga Radio offers a creative outlet for people to share their gifts and talents, keeping us all connected in disconnected times. Opportunities for poets, storytellers and playwrights and dreamers to share the wonderful worlds they create.

Staying Alive
Gaga Radio explores what keeps us well and what makes us thrive, from regular top tips to meditation and mindfulness, from forest bathing and the joys of From Couch to 5k.

Gaga Academy
Listeners will be supported through our Gaga Academy to become DJs, radio bloggers, citizen (add in) reporters, audio editors, producers and radio programmers. Developing the creativity of all communities to grow local talent and build health democracy.

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